Live Streaming

The event above was streamed live from the NAC using a setup so small, it fit in between two seats, not displacing a single audience member

If you’re interested interested in adding a watch-from-home element to your live event, I can help you assess your internet speed, and offer solutions to broadcast live from just about anywhere.

When I took over as National Director of Canadian Improv Games back in 2012, I made live streaming the National Festival a priority. Since that time, I’ve developed relationships with live stream partners like the Algonquin College school of broadcasting (which helped Crush Improv win our Canadian Comedy Award) and I’ve built up my own ultralight livestream kit, which I can throw in a small bag and set up in minutes.

I can broadcast on Facebook Live, YouTube, Livestream, or just about any other major online platform embedded in a website or on an app.

For more information, please get in touch!