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Music and Design

I love music and I love theatre. I’ve become quite good at creating moods, reading a room, and creating maximum party.

Let’s get creative!
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Add a live online broadcast to your event with my ultralight streaming kit. Put your at-home audience in the front row.

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Here are some fun recent projects I’ve had the pleasure of working on

Live online Tues/Wed/Thurs

ALs back spinning tunes, taking requests, and making merry at twitch.tv/alconnors three nights a week, beginning Tuesday January 19, 2021. Lets make the most of a crummy situation and dance[…]

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How to Run a Zoom Dance Party

I’ve been hosting online dance parties up to 5 days a week since the Covid-19 lockdown began. In that time, I’ve been invited to DJ a number of private online[…]

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2020 #FringeAtHome

It was my pleasure to help the Ottawa Fringe Festival run a festival of online performances in the absence of a regular-style festival made impossible by the pandemic. Over the[…]

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    Improvisation in all I do

    My practiced ability to improvise helps me excel!

    I’m very good at quickly assessing a situation, using whatever’s at hand to find a solution, and taking decisive action under pressure. It doesn’t matter if the challenge is artistic, administrative, or technical, I’m a professional problem solver and a general party maker.

    and now, the mandatory “about me” section

    Who the heck is AL Connors?

    Co-founder of Ottawa’s Canadian Comedy Award winning Crush Improv, AL’s worked with thousands of improvisers across Canada. As President of Canadian Improv Games, AL helped produce training materials and develop curriculum taught in schools across Canada. He also teaches improvisation for leaders as a part of the Telfer School of Management’s EMBA in Complex Project Leadership  at uOttawa. He believes that working with a group of folks of varied backgrounds and experiences is what maximises the potential for learning, for everyone.

    AL’s theatre work has been seen by tens of thousands of people in Ottawa and across Canada (and about a thousand people in China). He’s best known for his work with Ottawa’s a Company of Fools, performing Shakespeare in the park and directing clowns at the GCTC, when he was co-artistic director. AL is a multi-award winning designer, specializing in sound and video projection design, as well as show control automation, and he’s the only anglophone sound designer to ever even be nominated in the history of the Les Prix Rideau Awards design category, with 3 nominations and two wins.

    AL has held the top leadership spots in some of Canada’s most beloved arts institutions, such as the Fools, Canada’s busiest theatre The Gladstone, and Canadian Improv Games, earning him a United Way Community Builder Award.